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Ockley Dramatic Society - Caveats

Some considerably thought and effort has gone into the design of this website to ensure that it will display properly in all the major browsers. Obviously the older the version of the browser the less likely it is to be able to cope with any fancy bits that I add to make the site more interesting or more easily navigated. That said, the basic text portions and hyperlinks of the site should work in just about any browser in existence (though the site may not look as I intended).

Another thing I have to contend with is you the viewer. You have the ability to disable or customise many features such as javascripts, style sheets, the display of videos, animations or videos, the playing of sounds and so on. Regardless of what you do the core content of the site together with it's navigation should still work. However, this site looks and navigates better if javascript, style sheets and display images are enabled.

I am not a fan of Microsoft, but I recognise that they have a greater share of the browser market than all the rest put together. I have, therefore, worked hardest to ensure that all the fancy bits will work with Internet Explorer, or at least version 5.0 onwards. It would be nice if anything that worked in one browser would work in all other browsers, but the reality is that this is often not the case. I do pledge to (try and) ensure that it is only non-essential aspects of the site that don't have all browser support.

In recognition of the growing popularity of Firefox (an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer) I now do a great deal of my testing in it, in addition to IE. I also test in Netscape and Opera. I do not own or have access to a Mac, so I keep my fingers crossed everything works OK here. Likewise, I hope everything works for Linux users.


When I get the time and energy I'll complete this section and the pages I envisage it linking too. In the meantime here's a summary (probably incomplete) of things that might go wrong for you. I really, really would appreciate people geting in contact with me (webmaster) if they spot something that's not working.


If your browser doesn't support Javascript or if you've disabled it then the main consequence is that no menu will be displayed for you, though there should be enough other links to get you around the site.


Some games (e.g. Box World and Fish World) won't play unless you have java installed on your machine.


Very few pages contain sound. Most of those that do are flash animations, for which see below. Where there is music, e.g. the butterfly page, you will need the Quick Time plugin.


A few pages in the 'Just for Fun' section contain flash animations, e.g. Olympics, Xmas 2003 and the Unique Digital Clock. For these to play properly you need the Macromedia Flash Player.

Last updated 21st August 2005.