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What was new in 2001

What was new in 2002


Current production page updated to reflect that fact that Sandcastles is now a thing of the past.


Well, the technical update went OK, so here's a little more content. Report, mostly photos, added for the August Wine & Cheese social.


Mostly a technical update. Meta tags added to every page for "keywords" and "description" for the benefit of the FusionBot spider, and, for that matter, any other search engine categorising the site. In particular, the FusionBot facility uses the meta tag descriptions on its search results page. Note that the change won't be apparent until after the next time they index the site, which is scheduled for 27th September 2001.

The links that appear at the top and bottom of almost every page are now generated by javascript, which should aid future site maintenance. The one visible change is that these links now include a link to the "Search our Site" page.


Site search facility added courtesy of FusionBot.
Current production page updated and a synopsis of our next play added.


Biography for Nikki Parker added.
Words added for Syvie Beckett's and Cliff Bruce's biographies.
First litle bit of history page created.


Words added for Derek Farenden's biography.


Photos added for the biographies for Sylvie Beckett, Derek Farenden, Eric Howker, Chris Scott and Annie Walker.
A few more words added to the BBQ social report.
Previous productions "The Witching Hour" and "What's for Pudding?" added and all related biography and author's pages updated.


Social page brought up-to-date and BBQ report added.
Phil Stringer's biography greatly added too.
Likewise Yvonne Featherstone's biography (and she's prettier).
Some minor tweaks to the javascript that opens new windows so that they're positioned top, left and can't be larger than the available screen area.


Good heavens, is it really that long since I made an update!
Contact changed from Annie Walker to Martin Pratt.
Social link on home page changed so that it points to the next social event (rather than the top of the social page).


Previous production "Aladdin" added and all related biography and author's pages updated. Some new biography pages added and the biography summary page updated.

On all biography, author and previous production pages, the facility to go up one level, to the apprppriate summary page, added.


Social page updated and expanded.
Under construction image and wording added to history page.


Current production page: Updated.
Social page: Brief details added of forthcoming events.
Search page: Two more search engines added.


Links page: Started reciprocol links section.


Revamped the Search page, plus it now links to yet more search engines.


Links page: Removed duff link.
Search page: Added some more links.


Updated details for current production.
Added cute mouseover for logo (shame it only seems to work in Internet Explorer).
Added biography details for Norman Robbins.
Added links to biographies for people mentioned in the November 2000 production reviews.


Added review for November 2000 production.


Technical update: Moved counter code to separate frame. This should mean it's only executed once when you arrive and not each time you return to the home page from anywhere else in the site (always provided you use the "Home page" link provided).


Fixed broken link. Added link to "The Mountain Men".


Added previous production "Dick Whittington" and associated stuff in Authors and Biographies.


Technical update: Coding made XHTML compatible. All javascripts moved to separate file. "Graceful Degradation" added. This basically means that people with older browsers or with certain features disabled (java, javascript, style sheets, load images, etc.) should still be able to view and navigate the site, albeit not quite seeing it in all its glory. See here for an excellent short dissertation on the subject (and many more tips on good web design).


Technical update: All .html files renamed to .htm and all links edited (because of universal support for three character suffixes compared with longer length suffixes).


Most of the infrastructure now developed and in place. The home page now contains links to Biographies, Social, Authors, History and this page. However, to a great extent the pages added are placeholders.

Content relating to the Nov 2000 production has been added to the relevant pages.

Links: Added link to search page.

This page created.

Current production details updated.


Added the ODS icon to all pages.


Introduced style sheets, revamped look and feel of site, introduced proper logo.
About Us: Basic info added.
Current Production: Preliminary info for prospective June production.
Links: Links to The Ockley Society, DDOS, St. Marks Players and added.
Previous Productions: All now listed.


Following conclusion of current production, suitably amended "Current production" page.


First basic version of site. Details of forthcoming production plus how to find us.