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What was new in 2002

What was new in 2003


More information added about the forthcoming production of Sleeping Beauty.


Minor update to social page to reflect the fact that the games evening is no longer the next event.


Minor updates to current production and social pages.


Pictures added for "In a Street" and "Anyone for Drama?". Also took the opporunity to merge the two pages so that they comply with the (now universal) standard of one page per production (rather than one page per play). Hope I've edited all the affected links!


Social and current production pages updated.


Author's page for David Tristram updated with words and picture.
The dancing butterflies page added - see 'Just for Fun' link on home page.


Author's page for Jimmy Chinn updated with words and picture.


Pictures page added for Aladdin.
A contacts page added with fuller details to replace the simple 'mailto' link.


Firstly I would like to record my thanks to Natasha for putting names to a number of people in photographs I have of various productions. The pictures pages for Sand Castles and Dick Whittington have been updated and the (not too distant) future pictures pages for Aladdin and In a Street will now be fully documented.

Following last night's sucessful event the social and current production pages have been updated.


Pictures added for the production of Sand Castles.


Biography for Annie Walker completed, including a new picture.

On the 'Search the web' page added a link to KartOO on the basis of their unique and amazing graphical interface.

On the 'Links' page added links for our local newspapers and radio stations (the least I can do in return for the occasional free publicity).


Code for the counter moved to the home page to see if it affects the usage statistics.


Social, announcement and current production pages updated.


Slight revision to Eric Howker's biography.

Got the name of another dancer for a Dick Whittington photo.

Rearranged the "Search the Web" page. Added Lycos search facility (which earns us yet more per click).


Added the Nationwide advertising banner to the home page. We get paid per click so it should make some money for the society.


Technical change: Renamed two folders to adhere properly to naming standard (and changed all affected links).


Social page updated.
Added (some) dancers names to Dick Whittington pictures.
Minor change to 'Search the web' page.


Added the pictures for the 1999 production Dick Whittington.
Also added a picture of Lauren to her biography.


Just a tidy up really. Removed a couple of broken links and added a couple of new ones. (See the links pages.) Would like to quickly mention Xenu's Link Sleuth a superb piece of free software that quickly checks your website for broken links.


An apology to the iMac community, at least those of you using Internet Explorer v5.0 or later; I've just discovered that the menu script was behaving very strangely for you. The menu now just appears for Window's users (using Internet Explorer v5.0 or higher).


Added a menu that appears at the top of every page. However, it's only available to those of you who are using Internet Explorer v5.0 or higher. The rest of you stay with the same links, top and bottom of each page, as before. See new caveats page to read more about why I've restricted it. Script downloaded from Dynamic drive. Script written by Andy Woolley (


Time to add a bit of fun to the site! The home page now sports a banner message that follows the mouse pointer about. Script downloaded from Dynamic drive. Script written by Peter Gehrig (


Added the words for Eric Howker's biography.
Added pictures for the 1998 productions "The Witching Hour", "What's for Pudding" and "After September".


Social page updated again - I forgot to mention the Oakwood Hill Flower Show!


Announcements page ceated and link to it added to home page.
Social page updated: AGM and September social added.
Current production page updated.


New picture for Eric Howker (see biography page) as he (presumably) didn't like the previous one.


Social page updated with cancellation of the Skitles event and a confirmed date for the BBQ.


Social page updated with a write up for the Ockley quiz. Shame the webmaster forgot to take his digital camera or I would have been able to include a picture or two.


Well, that was a bit of an oversight, but I've finally noticed that the 50th anniversary production was missing from the list of previous productions. This has now been rectified and the details of the production (After September) have been added as well.

Current Production page updated to reflect the cancellation of the planned Spring play.

Further details for the BBQ entered on the social page.


Would have done this yesterday if I hadn't of run out of time. Photographs added for Martin Pratt's biography page.


Curent production page updated.
Socials page updated.
Lauren Walker's biography prose added (and I've been promised a photo).
And I added the production run dates to all the previous production pages.


Martin Pratt's biography updated with some prose, though I'm still waiting for a photo!


Finally got around to adding previous production Sand Castles together with the biography for Bob Larbey. All relevant biographries and the index pages also updated.

What was new in 2001