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What was new in 2003

What was new in 2004


Taken the first (faltering?) steps of an (over?) ambitious project to build a substancial web resource for Norman Robbins. So far I've expanded his biography page and added a bibliography page. The framework for the rest is in place but the content is still to be added. This will probably take me another two to three weeks.


It being that time of year, I've added some festive reindeer to the Just for Fun section.


Bob Larbey gets the Amazon treatment.

Created a new page expanding on our copyright policy.


New item for the Just for Fun page.


Coming soon page updated.

Our current production becomes a past production.


Minor updates to the Social page.

First mention of our May 2004 production.


Updated the catalogues for Tony Edwards.


Our November production is rescheduled.


One competition finishes and a new one starts.

We've also just signed up as an Amazon Associate. See banner link above and see our Amazon page. The first beneficiary is Tony Edwards. My apologies if we seem to be getting overly commercial, but let me assure you I intend to keep our Amazon links relatively unobtrusive. However, we will get a commission for any book purchased if you go to Amazon using a link on our site. The best commission comes from books we've directly linked too. Please let me know if there are other relevant books that I could provide links for.


Coming soon page updated following the cancellation of next January's pantomime.

Minor updates to the Social page.


Coming soon page updated with the final details of our November production.

Updated biography page for Natasha Figg.

One more item for the Just for Fun page.

A late addition to the Social page.


Another addition to the Just for Fun page.

Minor updates to the Social page. (In case you're wondering, we've abandoned the Valentine's dance on the grounds that we've got our hands full with the next two productions.)


Announcement of second audition evening for the pantomime. See Coming Soon page.

Social page updated.


David Tristram emailed me with details of his latest production premiering later this month. See the announcement link on his page for details.

Please forgive me the occasional advertising dotted round the site, latest above. However, each unique visitor click on the banners earns the society a few pence and it adds up over time.

Minor update to the Social page.


Minor update to the Coming Soon page.

Finally got around to removing the two broken links on Norman Robbins page. Located a small image in place of the one at the end of the broken link.


Added write up of the recent open evening to the Social page.

Updated the catalogues for Tony Edwards.


New competition starts today.

Minor maintenance to the Coming Soon, Social and Announcements pages.


Social page updated.

New visitor counter from implemented, which is why the count has gone back to zero. (The previous company I was using withdrew its free service.)

Plus some background technical changes that you won't notice (provided I've got then right!).


Two additions to the Just for Fun page.


On the Annoucements page added details of the Annual open evening and Audition Notices.
Coming soon and Social pages linked to announcements.


Pictures and the Dorking Advertiser reveiw added for Say it with Flowers & Much ado about Woman.

Current production page renamed to Coming Soon and brought up-to-date.

Social page updated with a BBQ photo and a mini-report on the Oakwood Hill Flower Show.

Just for fun page updated.


Following our AGM last Friday a clutch of changes affecting the About Us, Announcements, Current Production and Social pages.


Our current production becomes a past production.

New competition starts today.


Social page updated (BBQ cancelled).


Authors page for Tony Edwards now has some content.


Added pictures for Sweet Caroline Sweet and Caught on the Hop.


Past production page for November 1997, Sweet Caroline Sweet and Caught on the Hop created.


Current production page updated.

Biography page added for Mike Newbold.

Two new events added to social page.


Apologies for the long gap since the last update, I've been working on some boring technical changes (still to be completed and implemented) and then went on holiday for a fortnight.

Anyway, I'm back and I've added a competition page where you can win tickets to forthcoming productions. The intention is to run maybe 6 to 8 competions a year with each one running for 4 to 8 weeks depending on how they fit in with our future production dates.


Social page updated.


Sylvie Beckett's biography brought up-to-date.

Social page updated.

Added Comic Relief page under the "Just for fun" section.


Current production page updated.


Corrected two broken links on Norman Robbins' page. (It's a b****r when other people move their pages around!)


Added biography pages for Jo Atkins, Tahlia Elder, Steve Martin, Richard Powles and updated all related pages. Of course, they would be more interesting if the people concerned would actually send me some biographical details and a photo....


Current production and social pages updated.


Finally got my hands on the photographs for Sleeping Beauty!

Social page updated.


Current production and social pages updated.


Current production page updated.


Current production and social pages updated.

Added biography page for Natasha Figg and updated all related pages.

There is now a page for every author for whom we've ever performed a play (a total of 83 new pages!). However, don't get excited, so far all the pages do is list the plays we've done. Biographical details to follow (slowly, probably very slowly!).


Minor update to social page following yesterday's games afternoon/evening.


Current production page updated now that Sleeping Beauty has finished.

Past productions area updated with our last production, and relevant biography pages updated. (And I'll be adding some more biography pages in due course for some of our newer members, if and when I can persuade them to write a few notes and provide a photograph!) Pictures and reveiw to follow.

Bottom of this page archived.

I would have updated the website sooner, but I've been in Scotland for the last week....


FishWorld game enhanced to enable Mac users, who have only a single button on their mouse, to be able to explode the dynamite by pressing "X" on the keyboard.


Added pre-production publicity photo to current production page.

FishWorld credits page updated - alternative format download file offered.

Added some anti-spam protection. See links page.


Corrected a bug in the FishWorld game. The dynamite now explodes when it should!


Very minor change to current production page - added second box office number.


Social page updated with report for annual dinner and correction to BBQ date.

Added Fish World to the "Just for fun" page.


Social page updated for new forthcoming events.


Added performance times to current production page.


Added myself to the biographies section. Don't get exited, there's very little detail, and it might stay that way for a while. Also updated Chris Scott's biography.

Added the committee to the "About Us" page.

Added "Wind in the Willows" trip report to social page.

And last but not least, added the unique digital clock to the "Just for fun" page.


Current production and social pages updated.

What was new in 2002