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What was new in 2004

What was new in 2005


Added a counter to the Norman Robbins page. Archived the 2003 entries of the What's new and Social pages. All in all a fairly boring update. More interesting stuff to come in 2005.


It still being the festive season here's a little piece of magic to confound you (for a few minutes anyway); the latest addition to the Just for Fun section.


It being that time of year, I've added an alternative carol to the Just for Fun section.


More news of our coming pantomime early next year on our Coming Soon page.

Social page updated.

Added biographical details for Joseph Kesselring courtesy of the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

Garforth Amateur Dramatic Society have just produced their first Norman Robbins play and are now mentioned here and here.


Competition 0009 ended. New competition started.


Basically a tidy-up of the site bringing the information up-to-date. Changes have been made to the About Us page (new committee), Contact Us page (new secretary details), Announcements page (brief report of the 2004 AGM), Coming Soon page (news of our next production), Social page.


Competition 0008 ended. New competition started.

An apology for the lack of updates. Circumstances (family member - hospitalisation) has forced me to put much of my life on hold during the last two months. Normal service should gradually be restored in the coming weeks.....


Competition 0007 ended. New competition started.


Just been given a photo of the 10/01/2004 annual dinner, so here it is.


Six more shaggy dog stories added.


Competition 0006 ended. New competition started.


Spring production cancelled. See Coming Soon page. Minor updates to Social page.


At long last I've got my hands on the pictures for our last production Murder by the Book.


Minor updates to the Social page.


Competition 0005 ended. New competition started.


New "Just for Fun" item "Alive through the VDU".

Finally got my hands on Mother Goose and have completed the information page. And that completes the Norman Robbins project!


Completed the TV links page and added the Companies page for Norman Robbins.


The Norman Robbins project is winding down. All information pages except one now have content and I have added a write-up of his book "Slapstick and Sausages".


Minor updates to the Social and Coming Soon pages plus the announcement of the 2004 AGM date.

The Norman Robbins project progresses, albeit slowly. All production pages now have content and I have completed the Sleeping Beauty information page.


A busy week and busier weekend has meant little progress on the Norman Robbins project. Just three more production pages (the first three plays) now have content.

Minor update to the Social page. One play-reading cancelled and a venue change for the remaining two.


Instalment four of the Norman Robbins project. The remainder of the pantomime production pages (Puss in Boots to The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe) now have content.


An overdue update of the Social page and tidy up of the Coming Soon page.

More done on the Norman Robbins project. Just over half of the pantomime production pages (Aladdin to Mother Goose) now have content.


Competition 0004 ended. New competition started.

The Norman Robbins project has moved forwards. The majority of play/pantomime information pages now have content.

What was new in 2003