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What was new in 2005

What was new in 2006


It being that time of year, I've added a selection of Christmas fun to the Just for Fun section.

Plus, slightly belatedly, details, including booking information, for our forthcoming production, in just three and a bit weeks time, of Jack and the Beanstalk.


Minor overhaul of Norman Robbins sub-site. A new page for Forthcoming Productions, plus I've been repairing broken links and adding new ones.


Added six new items to the Shaggy Dog Stories area of the Just for Fun section.


SuDoKu Solver added to the Just for Fun section.

Coming Soon page updated.


Competition 0015 ended. New competition started.

Added a new optical illusion to the Just for Fun section.


Late notification of another London West End theatre trip.

Added the pictures for Last Tango in Ockley and Distracted Globe.


Added the 1996 production details for Last Tango in Ockley and Distracted Globe.


Nothing special. A minor tidy-up of the social page and fixed a few broken links that probably nobody had noticed were broken.


Just back from holiday and what do I find? Strictly Young Talent at Ockley has been postponed to 27th November 2005.


Competition 0014 ended. New competition started.


Added details of the 20th October theatre trips. Bit short notice (29th September booking deadline) so I've sqeezed in a mid-week update.


Added details of the December and January theatre trips to see Tommy Steele in Scrooge at the Palladium and also the Ottershaw Players Christmas show.

Hugely expanded the Optical Illusion area in the Just for Fun section.


The final details for Strictly Young Talent at Ockley our now available, together with downloadable application forms and posters.


Coming Soon page updated with details of our forthcoming talent show and audition for the pantomime.

Forgive the new advertising. It's only in a couple of places, so I hope it won't be too intrusive. However, each unique visitor generates a tiny amount of income for us, so please spare us a click. We get more if you go on to register with them.


The new menu is now extended to the Just for Fun section. (OK, I still need to do something about the 'Comic Relief' page.) In addittion I've added the Sand Sculpture pages, six new Shaggy Dog stories and revamped the Butterflies page so that it is standards compliant and should now work correctly in most (hopefully all) modern browsers.


The new menu is now extended throughout the Norman Robbins sub-site.

Added a review for Abigail's Party.


Well, I've mostly implemented the new menu. Just the Norman Robbins sub-site and the Just for Fun area to do, for which I plan addition menus. Might have it finished in another couple of weeks!

Added AGM report, updated the About Us page with the new committee, updated the Coming Soon page and uploaded Tony Edwards latest catalogue.


I've started to introduce a new menu navigation system. It should work on all modern browsers across all operating systems. At least, that's the theory! Let me know if it's not working for you. I've only done a few pages so far. Over the course of the next week I hope to have updated the rest of the site. Enjoy!


Competition 0013 ended. New competition started.


Added the photos for Abigail's Party.


Abigail's Party finished it's run last night. Photos to follow, hopefully next week.


A late decision to allow a concessionary children's rate of 3.00 for Abigail's Party.

Added a site map to provide an alternative way to navigate the site.

Added an email address where you can contact our secretary. See contact page.


Added a brief synopsis for our forthcoming production of Abigail's Party.


I had hoped to be adding biography pages for each of our three new members who are appearing in Abigail's Party. However, only Rod Ellis has sent me anything....

Added details of the September theatre trip on the social page.

Added a quick plug for the upcoming Ocklympics on the social page.


Added the remaining details, including booking information, for our forthcoming production of Abigail's Party.

A rather late (sorry) plug for Ottershaw Player's production of 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses'. See our Social page for details.

Our 2005 AGM now starts at 8:00pm. Buffet at 9:00pm.


Added some information about Norman Robbins latest pantomime, Hansel and Gretel.


Competition 0012 ended. New competition started.

Also fixed a few links that had mysteriously stopped working! Mostly in the Just for Fun section (Olympics, Billboards, Alice through the VDU), but also some of the competition images were not displaying. Hopefully all is now OK again. Please will people contact me if they find anything that is not working.


First announcment of our forthcoming production of Abigail's Party.

2005 AGM announced.


More theatre trips arranged, see the Social page for details.


Added Olymics flash movie to the Fun page. Appologies to dial-up users - it's about 1.4mb.


Competition 0011 ended. New competition started.


Added Billboards to the Fun page.


Social page updated. We are offering the opportunity to see one of four great West End shows.


Six more shaggy dog stories added.


I've added levels 11 to 20 to Box World. I've also updated the troubleshooting section to explain how to download the necessary software required to run java applets for those people who do not already have this installed.


If you like logical puzzles you should enjoy Box World which I've just added to the Just for Fun section. Just the first ten levels for the moment, but more to come.


Added contact information to the Norman Robbins page, and an extract from a recent letter.


Competition 0010 ended. New competition started.


February production cancelled. Details on Coming Soon page.


Added details of our May 1997 production which consisted of two one act plays: From here to the Library by Jimmie Chinn, and The Walking Dead by Michael Lambe.

What was new in 2004